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Each minute of media takes only 1.5 minutes from start to finish. e.g. a 30-min video would take 45 mintues total. See Technologies

SEO in 7 Languages

Search engines can’t watch your videos. Allow search engines to index your closed captions and subtitles.

Reach 7x More Audience

Plus, boost your SEO by making your content searchable in 7 languages.

  • It just works.”


    - Daily Flash TV (National TV Show)

  • “Our videos get roughly 5x as many views with captions.”

    - The King of Random (11M Subscribers)

  • “It’s much more accurate than YouTube‘s auto-generated captions. And it’s easy to edit the text.”

    - Vinita Pappas


A Google Startup Program Company


Funded by a Nationally-Ranked Startup Accelerator

Cutting-Edge Automation

Line Breaks at the Right Moments

Y Translator

Competitor (Trint)


How do we do this?

Y Translator generates professional and easy-to-read captions using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to mimic professional captioners.

A text box says 'More than 85% of social videos are consumed without audio.' The box has timestamps from 00:00:00 to 00:00:03.900 with CPS of 15.6.

Timestamps– Not Too Slow, Not Too Fast

Timestamps are automatically set using forced alignment and are slightly adjusted for an optimal reading rate of 15 CPS (Characters per Second).

Auto-Translation That Works

Instantly speak 6 languages. Boost SEO by making your content searchable in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Italian.


Time-Saving Features



Click on a Word to Rewind/Skip

Transcripts and caption files are automatically sent to your inbox when ready. Use Grammarly to edit transcripts more efficiently. Various shortcuts available: 1) Play/Pause, 2) Change Playback Speed, 3) Rewind/Skip, and 4) Undo/Redo. Direct export to YouTube is coming soon.

Various Export Options


Export TXT files. Automatically paragraph and/or add timestamps after a pause.


Export SRT or VTT files. Choose 1 or 2 lines per caption. Choose 32 or 42 characters per line. Translations into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch. Directly export captions to YouTube (coming soon).

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