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  • “Getting 100 videos translated into 10 different languages was an absolute breeze. They were personal in their communication and extremely flexible. The speed with which they were able to deliver was unbelievable.”

    - Morphle TV, 3.5M Subscribers


How It Works

The simplest way to caption or translate your videos on an ongoing basis.

1. One-time setup

Simply drop us an email at info@ytranslator.com and let us know which language(s) you’d like and your PayPal email address.

2. We do the work

When you upload a video on your channel, we will automatically upload captions to the video (requires access) or send them to you via email.

3. Billed automatically.

We will send you a consolidated invoice every two weeks via PayPal.

Have a large volume of videos? Contact us.


No long-term commitments

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Increase Your Audience.

70% of YouTube viewers, over 1 billion, do not speak English at all or do not speak it as a primary language. Discover the audience you are missing.

Improve Your SEO.

Allow search engines to know precisely what your video is about to provide more relevant search results.

Avoid Demonetization.

YouTube may disable ads on your video if it contains swear words. Let us do the work and filter those out.

12+ Most Popular Languages.

Find out where your users tune in from here or here.

Speak in your viewers’ language.

Make your content everyone-friendly.


Increase your revenue.

Expand your audience.






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